Are you ready for the most tropical swing festival in Europe? 🏝🍹💃

Mojo Swing Tropical Fest 2024

Mojo Swing
Tropical Fest!

Gran Canaria, Spain
31 October - 3 November, 2024

Four days of the best swing music under the tropical sun of Gran Canaria 🍹

This is what we offer

A little piece of summer in the middle of winter

25 degrees, paradisiacal sunsets, mojito by the pool... what more can you ask for?

Three amazing parties with live music

You will dance non-stop to the sound of the best live music. You will end up exhausted, but happy. Promise.

A weekend to enjoy

You'll have time to take a dip in the beach, gorge on potatoes with mojo and extol friendship with Canarian honey rum.

Take a look at our event from last year

This year, we will have the presence of…

Professor Cunningham and his Old School

Take a growling horn section, a grooving and soulful rhythm section, a woodwind virtuoso/vocalist frontman, add the soul of a New Orleans party, and you've got Professor Cunningham and his Old School!

This award-winning New York based band performs the most swinging and grooving repertoire deeply steeped in the New Orleans tradition; from early jazz to early R&B— the likes of Sidney Bechet, Fats Waller, even Fats Domino. It is one of the most sought after Hot Jazz Bands on the international festival and Lindy Hop dance scene. They are the recipients of the Best Band award, two years in a row at the World Jam competition in Madrid and also Best Band award at Harlem Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania).

The group is fronted by in-demand vocalist/reedman Adrian Cunningham, an Australian native based in NYC, and one of his home country's finest jazz exports. The ensemble consists of some of the most energetic and accomplished musicians on the New York circuit and has been a regular hit in the NYC underground party and swing dance scene.

Professor Cunningham and his Old School is like a New Orleans party, without the hangover.

Sonia & Héctor

Sonia and Hector, a professional Lindy Hop couple (Swing Dancers). They both have been teaching Lindy Hop on a regular basis in various dance schools in Barcelona since 2003 and they have been partly responsible for promoting the success of the Lindy Hop boom nationally. They are now are travelling all around the world involved in “spreading the Lindy Hop word”, venturing on as many attractive projects as possible. Sonia and Hector are keen to demonstrate their love and enthusiasm for Lindy Hop through their work in the hope that others too can enjoy and learn the same.

Hector and Sonia teaching perspective is focused on the fundamental aspects of what they find interesting in Lindy Hop; bouncing, partner communication and quality of movement form the basis of their teaching. From their own creative standpoint, teaching “cool” moves or combinations is not the priority, although they use them as tools for enjoyment and as a way for students to remember what they have absorbed during the classes. Hector and Sonia always try to incorporate their own individual creativity into their teaching, often showing students their own originality and invention in steps and movements which they have developed. They do this to help the student on their own creative journey and inspiration. Feedback has shown Hector and Sonia that students enjoy clear examples to explain certain movements.

Ale G

Alessio Grimaldi, aka Ale G, is a swing DJ from Rome whose sessions are full of proposals inspired by the mix of genres, sounds and musical languages. Since 2001 he has worked as a resident and guest DJ at important music festivals all over Europe.

His DJ sets range from original swing music to modern reinterpretations of songs from the 30s/50s, aimed at the most enthusiastic dancers.

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