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Join the association

Many people ask us: why should I become a partner?

Sincerely, we have no economic interest in having a large number of members. We are a non-profit cultural association and our only interest is to promote swing music in the Canary Islands. We believe that the more we are, the more we row in the same direction, the more presence and strength we will have:

  • Promote an ongoing calendar of swing-related events and activities.
  • To be a meeting point to spread the teaching of swing in the islands and that the community becomes bigger and bigger.
  • Negotiate with venues and show promoters for live swing music events.
  • Requesting help from public institutions to bring renowned teachers and artists to the islands, as well as to hold festivals and large-scale events.

But if that doesn't convince you, if you become a member you can enjoy many advantages, for example:

  • Timely information about our activities.
  • Priority registration for our activities and events with limited places.
  • Exclusive discounts on our events and activities.
  • Access to members-only activities.
  • The right to vote in our assemblies so that your voice is heard.

The current fee is 30 € per year and is renewed every January.

This fee allows us to maintain the administrative structure of the association (consulting, website, subscription to streaming music services, a loudspeaker for our street dances, etc.).

If you are interested, just click on the button below to fill in your details and pay online:

If you like swing, good vibes and meeting people in a healthy and fun environment, we are waiting for you! 🥳