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Dance schools

In Mojo Swing we do not give regular swing classes, but in the Canary Islands, there are several schools and teachers who teach swing dance and its varieties to groups and individuals.

It is also common for clandestinos (street dances) and parties to have a small taster class for those who want to learn the most basic steps and meet the teachers in action.

Aside from going to regular classes, we always recommend putting everything you learn into practice at clandestinos and parties. Go to as many events as you can. You will see how much faster your dancing improves.

This is a list of swing dance schools and teachers. Click on their logos to see more information about each one. Do your research, dig deeper and give them a try, because they are all different.

If you are a dance school or a teacher who teaches swing dance classes in the Canary Islands, we offer you our directory to make yourself known. Just send us your logo and your website to