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The association works thanks to the work of many people who, in a totally voluntary and altruistic way, dedicate their time and effort to help organize concerts, parties, and all kinds of activities for the enjoyment of everyone.

Our passion for music and swing dancing is our main motivation.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Association, composed of all its members, which shall adopt its resolutions under the democratic principle of a majority of the votes validly cast.

It is convened at least once a year to examine and approve the Association's accounts and annual report.

During the assemblies, the Board of Directors reports on the progress made since the last meeting, and all members can express their opinions, make proposals and lead initiatives.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the representative body of the Association. It represents and manages the interests of the members in accordance with the provisions and directive of the General Assembly.

La actual Junta Directiva de Mojo Swing fue elegida en septiembre de 2022 y está formada por los siguientes miembros:

  • Presidente: Carlos Hernández
  • Secretaria: Ana Macías
  • Tesorera: Laura Martín