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Code of Conduct

We propose you some ideas to reflect on our dance and build a safe, pleasant, and careful swing scene.

This code of conduct has been created by our friends at MAD for Swing and our association subscribes to it 100%.

Gender does not play the role of dancing in pairs.Remember: not all women are followers, not all men are leaders. Each person chooses which role they like to dance, regardless of their gender.
Listening and caring is knowing how to dance. Being a leader does not mean commanding.Dancing is a two-way thing: the connection and eye contact must flow naturally and reciprocally. Therefore, a good connection must be made by listening to and respecting your partner. Hyper-leading limits the dance, leaving space for creativity expands.
If you feel like changing roles, dare to do it, it doesn't hurt.Practicing both roles enriches the dance and the scene. Of course, each person may find it more appealing to be a leader, a follower or both. From here, we invite you to explore beyond the labels.
Not wanting to dance is also an option. An invitation is not an obligation.Invite free dancing, but keep in mind that everyone has the right not to want to dance.
If you provoke an invasion on or off the dance floor, you will look like Napoleon and you will no longer be an artist.Taking up too much space can detract from the atmosphere. Be careful with the person you are dancing with and the people around you.
If there is a collision, try to apologize and make sure no one is hurt.
The hand is yours, may it not be in places that the dance does not include.Take care of the way you touch other people when dancing, paying attention to whether you make them uncomfortable. We know that in the lindy hop there is contact, we know that there are signs of affection and affection in the dance, but if a person insists on behavior that generates discomfort, we believe it is appropriate to comment on it and/or contact the organization.
You are already a star, participate in the jams, your level or role doesn't matter.Jams are open to all people, whatever their role or level. They are not a space to demonstrate any kind of hierarchy. The important thing is to have fun.
Lessons are not enough on the track, improvisations are better.It's great to teach, but make sure the person you are dancing with wants you to give them some dance lessons, it can be misinterpreted and become an awkward situation.
Verbal and physical abuse is unacceptable. Let us know and we will help you.As participants in the swing scene, we do not tolerate violence of any kind and it is important to equip ourselves with the tools to deal with it collectively. We encourage victims of abuse, harassment, or assault to contact anyone in the organization or write to us at
If you witness a non-consensual situation, remember that it is your move too.We can help confront situations of abuse, harassment and aggression if we pay attention and make a collective effort to make them visible. To do this, we propose to inform the organization and respectfully assist the person who is being affected.
Act, do not hesitate!